This year’s meeting, held once again at the Confluence Centre in Kilnsey, was led by Stephen Stokes.

In our first session, we thought about Listening for God, and we considered the subjects of noise and silence. Guided by the words of Psalm 46 (Be still and know that I am God) we explored ways in which noise can fill our minds and our lives, leaving room for little else.

The second session was devoted to Finding Time for God, and we discussed the ways in which modern communications can take over our lives, and how we are often “too busy” to make time for the important things in our lives.

The third discussion was on the topic of Moving on with God, and - among other things - we thought about the ageing process and the different ways in which we accept it and deal with it.

The final session was about Walking with God and we were each asked to think of a time when God felt really close. We were then asked to consider the bad times, and whether we still felt God’s presence with us when things were going wrong.

On the Saturday afternoon we took our traditional walk in the Dales. The fresh air and exercise ensured that we were more than ready for the excellent dinner at the Tennant Arms!

The general theme of the weekend was our relationship with God in the modern world.

Sunday morning saw us attending the local Methodist church, where we were able to renew some old acquaintanceships and also contribute a little extra volume to the singing of the hymns.

Don’t let on that we’re lost!

Well, they’ll certainly hear us ...

A well-deserved rest

Own up, one of you must have eaten my breakfast!

What have I let myself in for?

It’s a grand day out, lads

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