The venue for this year was The Confluence Centre at Kilnsey, a new location for us (after many previous visits to Giggleswick), and under the guidance of our leader, Rev John Trevenna, we explored the theme of New Beginnings.

Friday 5th November

Everybody arrived safely during the late afternoon and early evening. The fellowship begins with the journey, so nobody travels alone. The first thing we did was check out our bedrooms, and then explore the facilities of the new venue. Then a delicious baked potato supper was followed by the first of our study sessions. This year’s theme was “New beginnings”, and in this session we looked at new beginnings we had made in the past.

Saturday 6th November

The day began with a huge cooked breakfast, and then during the two morning sessions we discussed some of the new beginnings we were involved with at present. Following a packed lunch, the afternoon was free to do as we wished. The weather was kind to us, as usual, so some went out for a leisurely walk while others chose a more strenuous route, involving some very steep slopes. The views from the top made it all worth while, though! The final session, in the evening, was devoted to that ultimate new beginning which we all have to make at the end of our time on Earth. This was not a morbid session, in fact it generated more laughter than all the others. Finally we adjourned to the Tennant Arms in the village for our evening meal.

Sunday 7th November

Due to pressure of time, we could not attend morning service at a local church, so after another mega-breakfast we had an informal service at the Centre, including a communion where we each served our neighbour. By noon, the Centre was empty and the last of the cars had set off home.

A brief note on our study sessions

The sessions usually began with a carefully selected hymn and a short time of prayer, following which we would begin to think about the topic. Part of the attraction of the discussions is the wide range of subjects explored, this year we went off on some fascinating tangents and talked about topics as varied as B&Q’s policy of employing over-60’s, and multi-dimensional universes existing outside space and time as we know them. Our leader, John Trevenna, generally began by telling us a relevant story based on his wide experience, and then we would begin to contribute our own thoughts and ideas. These sessions always involve laughter and good-natured banter, but can occasionally become emotional when we think about specific significant events in our lives. These matters are totally confidential, and the freedom to express this whole range of emotions amongst ourselves is valuable in cementing the fellowship between us all.

The following diary and notes will give an idea of what a typical Men’s Weekend involves.

Some of us were ready for a strenuous evening’s entertainment ...

... while others apparently found it all quite exhausting!

Photographs by Alan Kershaw

Diary and Notes by Colin Hicks

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